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Which forklifts require a high risk licence?

A forklift truck, for the purposes of High Risk Licencing, means a powered industrial truck equipped with lifting media made up of a mast and an elevating load carriage to which is attached a pair of fork arms or other arms that can be raised 900mm or more above the ground. A pedestrian-operated truck or a pallet truck is not included in the High Risk classification.

Forklift Licence Required

Licence Required

No Forklift Licence Required

Not Required

TLILIC2001 Licence To Operate A Forklift Truck

This unit specifies the outcomes required for the operation of a powered industrial truck equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage to which is attached a pair of fork arms or other attachment, for licensing purposes.

Do you prefer onsite training?

There are some distinct benefits to having training delivered onsite.

  • Training is contextualised to your unique work environment
  • Integration of your own equipment into training ensures staff are familiar with the equipment they will be required to use in their day to day jobs
  • Participants feel more comfortable learning in their own environment
  • Avoid staff travel, travel fatigue and accommodation costs

Tailored Training

Mick Humphries Training Group offers a range of training services that can be delivered at our site or yours, tailored to your work environment to ensure you maximise on your training investment.

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to obtain a licence if you:

  • are at least 18 years of age
  • can use English at a level that enables the safe performance of high risk work
  • complete the recognised training course with a registered training organisation (RTO) and have been assessed as competent by an assessor working for the RTO

Do I need a licence to operate a telehandler with a fork attachment?


No. Fitting fork attachments to a Telehandler does not make it a forklift, is just a Telehandler with fork attachments. The business (or employer or other PCBU) still has a duty of care to ensure workers have appropriate training in operating the Telehandler; however a high risk work licence is not required.

Can I use a container fork with my forklift licence?

No. WorkCover have introduced a new High Risk Work Licence for Reach Stacker. A reach stacker incorporates an attachment for lifting, moving and travelling with shipping containers, but does not include a portainer crane.

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