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Work Safely At Heights

RIIWHS204E Work Safely At Heights

All persons involved in working at heights should be trained to follow systems of work and work practices that enable them to perform their work in a manner that is safe and without risks to health. Only those persons who have received training and instruction should carry out work at heights. The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge and skills to:

  • Carry out WHS requirements through safe work practices at any on or off-site construction workplace.
  • Perform work in a safe manner through awareness of risks and work requirements
  • Plan and perform safe work practices with concern for personal safety and the safety of others
  • Work safely on sites where the work activity involves a potential of falling from one level to another where fall protection measures are required
  • Who should attend:

    • Project Managers
    • Site Managers
    • Foreman
    • Tradespersons
    • Maintenance and servicing personnel
    • Other persons required to support personnel undertaking work at heights

    People involved in working at heights must:

    • Identify all fall hazards in the business or undertaking so far as is reasonably practicable.
    • Control the risk of falls so far as is reasonably practicable
    • Make a record where ladders or an administrative control is the only control that is reasonably practicable to implement when minimising the risk of a fall and keep the record until the work is completed.
    • Control the risk of falling objects so far as is reasonably practicable.
    • Ensure that any measures to control the risk of falls are:
      • fit for purpose
      • suitable for nature and duration of the work
      • installed and used correctly, and
      • maintained in good working order
    • Establish emergency and rescue procedures to address fall hazards.
    • Provide relevant workers with adequate information, training and instruction in relation to emergency and rescue procedures.
    • Review and revise risk control measures.

    Training and assessment delivered on behalf of RAISE Training RTO 91655

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